The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has selected 19 new members. Academy members, leading researchers from across all the disciplines, are selected for their scientific and scholarly achievements. The Academy has about 550 members. Members are appointed for life. The new members will be installed on Monday 16 September.

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Members, advisory work, activities

Members of the Academy

Prof. dr. J.Th.

Joep Leerssen

Member since 2008

Joep Leerssen is Professor of Modern European Literature at the University of Amsterdam.

Members of the Academy

Prof. mr. drs. C.H.

Carla Sieburgh

Member since 2010

Carla Sieburgh is Professor of Civil Law at Radboud University. She is an expert in civil law, in particular the influences of European Law on national private law.

She is especially interested in contract law, tort law and the law of damag...

Members of the Academy

Prof. dr. ir. A.

Albert van den Berg

Member since 2008

Albert van den Berg is Professor of Sensor Systems for Biomedical and Environmental Applications at the University of Twente. He is also the scientific director of MESA+, a research institute at the same university.

Albert van den Berg’s ...

Members of the Academy

Prof. dr. A.M.

Marileen Dogterom

Member since 2016

Marileen Dogterom, Professor of Bionanoscience, Delft University of Technology, is one of the pioneers of biomolecular physics. She studies the cytoskeleton, the microtubes that give plant and animal cells their distinctive and functiona...

Members of the Academy

Prof. dr. M.R.

Maarten Prak

Member since 2008

Maarten Prak is Professor of Social and Economic History at Utrecht University and a member of the Academy Board.

His research concentrates on the lives of the inhabitants of European – and especially Dutch – towns during the Middle Ag...

Members of the Academy

Prof. dr. C.R.

Christian Lange

Member since 2018

Christian Lange, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Utrecht University, is one of the leading scholars of Arabic and Islamic studies of his generation. He combines the traditional text-based approach to Islam with methods borrowed from socio...

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